Catalyzing Kingdom Movements

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We long to see the reign of God revealed in the everyday spaces of life.

To see this happen, Forge Knoxville partners with the local Church and non-profits to mobilize the people of God into the everyday mission of God.

What Makes Forge Unique?


Imagine the effects of an increased missional imagination among the members of your church. When church-going Christians embrace their sentness, they live out the gospel more freely, engage their neighborhoods and workplaces, and truly partner with the church’s staff in kingdom work rather than just consuming the church’s ministry and services.By partnering with Forge Knoxville, leaders have immediate access to our growing missional content and curriculum, monthly coaching interactions, and periodic cohort gatherings with other leaders working toward missional movement in and around Knoxville. Partner churches also have the option to bring Forge coaching, training, customized learning cohorts, and even pulpit supply to their staff and congregational environments.

Partnership Details

Partnership includes:TRIBE: Forge is a growing tribe consisting of 30 hubs that spans across the United States. Being a part of the tribe means you have access to practitioners and like-minded leaders from all over the U.S. Forge is also connected to a growing international movement of hubs across the world.RESOURCES: To mobilize leaders to empower and equip their people into mission, we provide multiple resources such as: Access to our online residency, Books and articles by thought leaders and practitioners around the world. Podcasts, Outside training and more.COACHING: We are trained in Keith Webb’s COACH model and use that expertise to help you and your leadership find ways forward in your vision.


Missional Learning Community

A series of 6 introductory trainings around missional incarnational discipleship. We can run two of these in a calendar year.Outcome: Introducing and equipping leaders towards missional paradigm shifts and concepts.Target: Leaders, Key Influencers, and Members exploring the missional-incarnational conversation.

Missionary Formation Residency

A robust 6 month coaching and training experience around personal mission, key paradigms shifts, and missional discipleship practices. We can run two of these in a year.Outcome: Instill key paradigm shifts needed for leaders and individuals to engage the mission of God more fully.Target: Innovators and Pioneers, Church Planting Partner Families (ideal number is 12-15 people per session)

Urban Ministry Tour

This is a Strategic Partnership with “Neighboring Well” & Kevin DuBose (Knoxville historian and former City Planner). This tour is designed to give participants a new perspective on urban neighborhoods and ministry.Outcome: We offer a three-part tour and training course for ministry teams seeking to learn more about the heart of the city, understand its story and rich history, and explore ways to reverse the isolation and disconnection experienced in its unique neighborhoods.   Target: Those interested in learning more about Knoxville and reaching our urban neighborhoods

Training Modules

We offer a wide variety of training modules custom built for you and your team.Topics can include: Strategic planning, APEST, Discipleship, Mission, Forming missional communities, Revitalization, Church planting, Paradigm shifts in church, Biblical foundations for mission and more.Outcome: Informational and practical sessions based on topics most needed to further the vision and mission of the Church.Target: Varies

Leader Coaching

We offer leader coaching to those seeking to catalyze themselves and their teams.Outcome: Develop yourself and your team as you seek the vision God has given you.Target: Leaders and their teams seeking to become unstuck and move forward in realizing their God-given dreams.Our coaches have been trained by 5 Capitals Coaching

Missional Coaching

Forge Knoxville offers personal coaching to missional practitioners in the Knoxville area. The job of a Forge Coach is never to plug you into his or her mission, but rather to help you define your own calling and empower you to engage that mission in an effective and sustainable way.Outcome: Develop a missional/incarnational approach to living out your faith in Christ where you live, work, and play.Target: Anyone interested in joining God in His mission.

Invest in Forge Knoxville

Help us continue the Forge movement in and around Knoxville. The faith nature of this ministry makes your investment all the more vital. Forge Knoxville is sustained by people like YOU - praying with us and generously providing financial resources. If you'd like to partner with us financially, we’d be grateful for a one time or recurring giving donation. To do this, simply click the "Donate Now" button.Forge Knoxville is a 501c3 organization in collaboration with Forge Austin. Donations will be processed through the Forge Austin office, but 100% of your funds go to support Forge Knoxville.

Stories From Partners

Aaron Loy - The Commonwealth

"When we set out to start a new work in South Knoxville we knew the vision God had given us bore little resemblance to some of the traditional expressions of church that have gone before us.  We knew there would be some who wouldn't understand. But we also knew we needed a tribe of people around us who did. Forge has been that for us. Forge serves as a constant reminder that while we may be a little crazy, we're not alone in our crazy."

Charley Dever - Hope Church

"I have never been satisfied with 'the way things have always been done'. When God called me away from Sunday morning to pursue more missional expressions of the Church, I felt alone. Through that journey, Forge has become a life-giving support system that assures me and my community that we are not alone. It is a place where I can process any question about the Church and the Christian life with others who are on the same journey."

Stories From Residents

Church Vision

Forge Knoxville, powered by Church Unique, offers Vision Framing tools that will help leadership with clarity about their future

Do you feel stuck in your current ministry and leadership? Has the past several years felt more draining than life giving?Forge Knoxville can help!As a certified navigator in the Church Unique process (developed by WIll Mancini and the Auxano Team), Forge Knoxville can offer your leadership proven methods to inspire purpose and create a unifying plan that will bring clarity and a bigger dream for the future of your church.

The Process

Forge Knoxville will come alongside you and your team of 8-12 church leaders (known as the 'vision team' and will represent a cross-section of your community), for 7-12 months. This process will bring your unique church vision to light and bring alignment to that vision among leadership and ministries.As we work through the vision framing process, we will have tangible deliverables such as the creation of organizational language for mission, values, strategy, measures, and a comprehensive strategic plan.These five components represent answers to the five irreducible questions of leadership - "What are we doing?", "Why do we do it?", How do we do it?", "When are we successful?", and "Where is God taking us?"


Just as no two churches are the same, the process to clarify vision will be unique. The typical Vision Framing proposal will be between 8-10 months of work and a structure that includes between $1500-$3000 in monthly fees (plus travel expenses). This proposal includes all materials for the entire process.

Let's Get Started!

Contact Forge Knoxville today to set up a 30 minute Zoom call. In this call we will hear about your challenges and the vision God has given you.After this, we can work at customizing a plan based on your timeline and objectives.Then, Forge Knoxville will facilitate a process that will help you design a roadmap for implementing your churches unique vision.


Forge America

Forge Knoxville is a part of the greater Forge America Tribe.
Learn more about the Forge America movement across the United States.

From day one, we set out to help people learn how to be a sign, instrument and foretaste of the coming kingdom. As a servant to local church Forge has always played a role in re-imagining and re-shaping the church to engage the communities, neighborhoods, apartments, campuses, workspaces, and third places people exist.The Forge Mission Training Network began in Victoria, Australia in 1996, launched by Alan and Deb Hirsch and Michael & Caz Frost as a response to the dire need for Christians to go into their worlds, amidst the many cultural changes, and actively engage others with the good news of Jesus & His Kingdom. The hope was to help every follower of Jesus participate in the mission of God and as a result see new contextual expressions of the Kingdom pioneered across neighborhoods and networks.The Forge network expanded across the globe to Canada, Europe, and the United States and in 2010 Forge America began. In an effort to serve the church and mobilize people, local and contextual training hubs began in various cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Knoxville, Austin, and others. The goal was to inspire and equip every member of the body of Christ to participate in the extraordinary mission of God right where they live, work, and play.Learn more by clicking the image below.

Forge America

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